Marketing DIY | The FAST Foundational Five

Many new marketers fall into the trap of thinking that since they do not have a lot of experience, they can’t start up a modest outreach effort. With all the available tools and resources available (and advice blogs like this one) on the web, that doesn’t have to be the case! You, yes YOU can create a DIY marketing foundation until seasoned team members can be added to boost visibility and sales.

Great marketing comes down to how well you know your customers, and how much time you are prepared to spend on a DIY approach. The stronger your tool kit, the more effectively you’ll be able to tailor a marketing strategy to target prospects.

1. Do A High-Level Brand & Keyword Review

This is not an exhaustive Pitch Map or Discovery Session, it is an afternoon set aside to refine your message via the examination of your brand’s current position in the market compared to its competitors. I personally recommend an affordable tool like SEM Rush in addition to a myriad of free online resources through Google. Done correctly, this exercise will assist you determining the strength of your brand position in relation to competitors, available keywords and opportunities for expanding your online footprint.

2. Marketing 3 C’s

Do You Have Meaningful CONTENT?
High-quality, unduplicated content has a significant impact on SEO and search engine ranking – if you only follow one rule it should be this.
Is There CONSISTENCY in Your Message?
Not only is original content great for SEO purposes, consistent content is also a solid way to KEEP driving home your message – build a content calendar and stick to it.
Are You Maintaining a Steady CADENCE?
Always maintain a steady drip of outreach – drop off two weeks or more and you’ve lost ground to competitors.

3. Develop Your Outreach Strategy

Start Educating & Contributing
Earn that page ranking by answering a question or addressing a need organically.
Optimize Social Engagements
Utilize hashtags and @’s (mentions) strategically towards industry thought leaders.
Start With Training Wheels:
Set aside a moderate budget for PPC routed to trackable landing pages with meaningful content. (MQLs will come later!)

4. Pursue Co-Op Marketing

Make a list of all of the vendors/manufacturers from whom you acquire products, then reach out to a sales manager, or the marketing coordinator. Ask how to coordinate social postings via @’s and hashtags by weaving how their product supports yours – everyone wins with reciprocal online love.

5. Establish A Content Bucket

Own a smartphone? Get photos & videos of your employees/products/facility daily while inspiring prior and current customers for testimonials – they are your greatest sales tool!

What tools and techinques have you deployed? Feel free to share in the comments section below -and be sure to stop back by (or subscribe) for more marketing insights.

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