Online Video Marketing: Focus Products AND People

Face-to-face meetings and presentations are not always possible, location and travel restraints can quickly turn a warm lead cold. While video meeting services (Skype/Go-To-Meeting) satisfy an immediate and direct need, a majority of prospects will perform due diligence on your business before and after that conversation.

Product and service videos (when done correctly) can position your business to a prospect within a website, landing page(s) and social media hub, essentially creating a 24/7 accessible ‘infomercial’.

Additionally, when products/services are paired with the people (candid interviews of satisfied customers and key staff members) you’ll add a powerful human dimension to your messaging which in-turn instills trust and confidence along the buyer’s journey.

The bottom line is search engines place value on video content, thereby improving organic SEO performance – coupled with the added benefit of analytics, (retention, location, views, etc. via YouTube) video becomes a powerful and necessary tool in your online marketing arsenal.

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Not everyone in a company is ready-for-primetime – so selecting the right staff member (or customer) is key

I have filmed numerous client videos over the years, some with a iPhone/tripod/wireless mic, and others with a professional crew on-site.

Here are some tips for getting a great video no matter the situation or budget:

1. Keep It Short
A video should be an introduction to a product, service or person, not a symposium – the goal should be a prospect click-through to obtain more information and in-turn generate authoritative in-bound links.

2. Keep It Candid
Not everyone in a company is ready-for-primetime – so selecting the right staff member (or customer) is key – look for casual confidence, you’ll know it when you see it.

Try an interview style approach with your subject looking off-camera, be mindful of your lighting and background – but don’t over do it.

3. Leverage Technology
Your smartphone can do more then shoot a family gathering at 1080p HD – add in a wireless lapel microphone, tripod, basic lighting and you have the essentials for a in-office/location video shoot. (granted you will need to source professional editing if you don’t have a resource in-house).

4. Prep Work
Planning and structure will ensure a smooth shoot.  When possible use examples of similar style corporate videos as prep, and share your outline/interview questions well in advance.

5. Patience & Confidence
No shoot ever goes as planned, however life is full of ‘happy accidents’ – just know that the typical 90 minute shoot easily yields multiple 30-90 second YouTube friendly videos for your business – that small investment will pay dividends in online exposure.


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