My Story

My career as an eager staff designer in a high-pressure environment began nearly 20 years ago. I carry that experience with me to this day, as reminder of what it means to roll up one’s sleeves and ‘do’ -not just delegate.

In the mid-2000s, as the internet and social media began to shift towards a viable platform for business, I moved away from traditional print design and began an evolution towards the new frontier of digital marketing.

For over a decade I learned to be agile and focused in my roles as: Lead Designer, Art Director, Creative Director and Marketing Director. That range of work touched client rosters that serviced Fortune 500 companies, national publications, interactive and TV.

In 2012 I officially struck out on my own to serve as a cost-effective marketing advocate for local and national B2B/B2C companies ranging from $500,000.00 to 50 million in sales.

Additionally, during that time I was courted by a range of international companies and startups. On occasion, I stepped into full-time roles which provided the opportunity to work in collaborative, well staffed environments.

Currently, my focus is largely in B2B spanning from: industrial and infrastructure companies, to consumer wholesale, which relied on the adoption of SaaS products and e-commerce solutions in a very crowded marketplace.

Regarding acquisition (and retention) I prefer working backwards from your end goal to reverse engineer the best and most economical course of action, with delivery of MQLs to BDRs/Sales Teams as job one.

My work typically involves a 360º true, omni-channel approach starting with a stable and connected MarTech stack that is prospect and/or customer centric.

Being a ’Swiss Army Knife’ (or T-Shaped Marketer) I utilize marketing automation, organic content creation supported by PPC, website stickiness/SEO optimization, analytics and conversion tracking as a cornerstone of my methodology.

I enjoy the challenge of problem solving to significantly impact revenue though sound strategies and marketing technology tools, coupled with creative thinking.

How can I help solve for your lead and demand generation goals?